Some highlights from Angie’s List and Yelp:

Home Inspection in Malden, MA, Diane
Wayne returned my call within a few hours and we were able to schedule the inspection within a
few days. Wayne is very professional and approachable. He was easy to talk to and made sure to
explain in layman’s terms all the issues he found. He was very thorough and detailed, which was
exactly what we wanted. Although his price was a little higher, it was well worth it given the
very detailed report we received within 24 hours. Wayne was please to work with. I would highly
recommend Wayne to anyone looking for a thorough, professional home inspection. And for all
the single women home owner, Wayne was one of the few contractors that is comfortable
working for a female client. He did not make any assumptions about what I knew or didn’t know
regarding home repairs and maintenance- just communicated the issues clearly. So he is the
ultimate professional from my experience.

Home Inspection in Belmont, MA, Christine
Wayne was prompt, thorough, conscientious and knowledgeable. Not only did he inspect the
home with a great deal of care he made sure to explain his comments and really took time to
answer all of our questions. My husband really appreciated that after going through each floor he
paused and asked us if we were comfortable with all of his comments and if we’d like to hear or
further discuss any of his comments. His report was thorough and nicely put together – if we go
through with the purchase I imagine we will use it to keep tabs on future repairs and
maintenance. I also appreciated that Wayne was comfortable with older New England homes -he
pointed out the important features/ concerns and was not held up on regular traits of older homes
i.e. creaky floors. Highly recommend Pro Tech Consultants.

Home Inspection in Cambridge, MA, Jacqueline
We had received conflicting opinions on what kind of repair work was needed on the foundation
of our house and wanted a neutral outside expert to help us decide. Pro-Tech Consultants doesn’t
offer precisely that kind of service, but they were willing to do a home inspection that would
include the problem area. Wayne Robbins’s report was just what we needed and more: he gave us
a clear analysis of the foundation problem and appropriate solutions, but in going over the whole
house he noticed other problems, some of which I had been overlooking (corroding pipes in the
basement, for example). His report made it clear which repairs should be done as soon as
possible, which could wait a while, and which were optional. We’ve lived in this house for 23
years and hadn’t had a home inspection since we bought the place; the report is very helpful to us
in planning work on the house over the next few years.

Home Inspection in Lexington, MA, Xiang
Wayne did a home inspection of a multi family house we are going to purchase. The inspection
took about 5 hours. He is very professional and knowledgeable. From the buyer’s point of view,
he is perfect. After the inspection, he patiently walked me through his major concerns of the
house, provided some suggestions, and briefed me on some minor problems. I got his full report
the same day, which is a very helpful and detailed report. He is very different from the inspector
I used for my previous house, whom I did not hire again because his main intention was to let me
feel good about the house so that my agent was happy. Wayne is just the opposite. He had been
very responsible and want me to have a good understanding of the problems the house has. I will
definitely hire him again and recommend him to the others.

Home Inspection in Medford, MA, Paul
Wayne was a terrific home inspector, I almost wish he was our neighbor. For starters, he was one
of only a couple of inspectors to return our call and professionaly schedule an appointment. He
was very thorough throughout the inspection, pointed out the things he saw to us, and gave a
great explanation on why we should or should not be concerned. In addition to that, he gave us
suggestions on how to remedy or what type of professional to call to remedy potential situations.
We waited a while to write a review so we could see if anything developed in and around our
house and how prepared we were based on our inspection. Suffice to say there really hasn’t been
anything showing up in and around our house that we were not prepared for. Even every area of
ice damns were properly predicted in his report. There were a couple areas of concern that turned
out to be fine in the end, but I would much rather have it called out as a potential issue and be
fine than missed. I would definitely recommend Wayne to others.

Home Inspection in Boston MA, Franks E W reported on Yelp
Wayne inspected a home we are interested in purchasing. I think the inspection is the scariest part of all this process! Wayne is extremely thorough, patient and knowledgeable. He is professional, smart, friendly and has a sense of humor. He was on time and prepared. My husband and I were very comfortable talking to him and he answered all our questions, We even had our detailed report the same day! We recommend Wayne.
Score: Four Stars

Home Inspection in Winchester MA, Lori C. reported on Yelp
I was very impressed by Wayne Robbins, owner of Pro-Tech Consultants. We were purchasing a large home built at the turn of the Century. Wayne was very knowledgeable about issues common to older homes. He spent an entire day (9:30 a.m. to 5:15 p.m.) at the home. We received his report via email only 28 hours later. The report itself was very comprehensive (59 pages long) with lots of color photos to aid our understanding. The report was not a form check-list (which we have received from other home inspectors), but rather a detailed narrative. I felt the cost was fair especially given the time and effort that went into his work. Finally, Wayne was an easy-going, good guy who was enjoyable to work with.
Score: Five Stars

Also, read some of Wayne’s flattering emails:

Home Inspection in Woburn, Massachusetts, Jane R. 
Hi Wayne — just wanted to say thanks again for the home inspection you did for us on Lexington Street in Woburn. Also, I wanted to let you know that as a result of your inspection report, we were able to get the house for over $5,000 less than our original offer.

We will be purchasing a town home in the not to distant future, and will not hesitate to give you a call when we need a home inspection on that property. I will keep your card on file and will happily recommend you to any friends that have a need. Thanks again, Jane R.

Home Inspection in Boston/Dorchester, Massachusetts, Walter H.
“Thank you Pro-Tech for doing a great job under tight time constraints! Due to a long negoitating timeline, we only had 2 days for the home inspection that Wayne recently completed. Wayne was able to come out on a Sunday morning and checked the house from attic to basement in 3 hours.  Everything that was noted alerted the seller’s broker to the ‘defects’, resulting in a significant reduction in the sales price. The inspection provided us with a to-do list which we are literally chipping away at!  Thank you for the quick, attentive and professional job! (FYI — I have and will continue to refer friends to you!)”