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Pro-Tech Consultants Home Inspections is a firm that has successfully helped thousands of people since 1996 get the homes of their dreams. Whether it’s a home in Boston, or the suburbs each and every inspection is conducted with the same care and diligence. For most of us, the purchase of a new home is the single largest investment we will make in our lives. Obviously a thorough home inspection or condo inspection is vital. The inspection is only as good as the home inspector performing it! Owner and principal inspector, Wayne E. Robbins, has over 25 years of home inspection experience. His primary objective as a licensed MA home inspector is to work as hard as he can to minimize the chances that your dream home does not turn out to be a nightmare. Prior to the establishment of Pro-Tech Consultants, Wayne operated a building and remodeling company, which gave him a vast amount of knowledge and experience that has proven invaluable in the area of home inspections. Consistently Wayne is a top rated home inspector on Google, BBB, Yelp & Angie’s List. For numerous satisfied clients Wayne is the best home inspector. Don’t take our word for it, read the reviews for yourself. At Pro-Tech Consultants you can be sure that every home and condo inspection is performed to the highest standards and with your best interest at heart. You will be provided with a comprehensive report with photo documentation to help you make that all-too-important real estate decision.

  • Pre-Purchase Home & Condo Inspections – Buyers
  • Post-Closing Inspections
  • Homeowners-Pre-Sale Inspections
  • Antique Homes, and Landmark Properties
  • Condo Association Inspections & Risk Assessment
  • Radon Testing
  • Pre-offer home inspections (details)

As an ASHI certified licensed MA home inspector I personally guarantee that I will give you the best service possible on a home inspection or condominium inspection. I will perform the home inspection to the highest standards set forth for the profession. I will stand by my findings, and provide you with FREE PHONE CONSULTATION for as long as you own your home. Buyer Beware! Choose The Right Home Inspector!
A home inspection is not an item to simply check off the list to be carried out in some perfunctory way.  The wrong choice can cost you dearly not only in money lost but peace of mind. A thorough inspection is vital whether you are purchasing a new or an older home. Caution: Home inspectors are not all equal, therefore home inspections will vary greatly!
Avoid a money pit by selecting the right home inspector. Choosing the best home inspector will cost more but the dividends it pays is well worth the extra cost. In making such a large investment this is no time to shop for a cheap home inspection. If you had $5000 to invest would you haphazardly pick any stock to invest in? Hardly! You would take the necessary steps to make sure that your money was wisely invested. Then why when investing possibly hundreds of thousands of dollars would you choose a cheap home inspector?  It just doesn’t make sense. Consider what others have said about Pro-Tech Consultants Home Inspections and Wayne Robbins and you will see the choice is clear.


What Satisfied Clients Have Said:
Home Inspection in Arlington, MA “Perfect. He was able to find things that were not quite visible. He was thorough and made sure I understood each part of the inspection. He also identified a potential structural issue that required a structural specialist to come in. That specialist estimated repairs at almost 6 figures. The problem was something everyone else involved in the process missed. Had he not pointed it out, My family and I may have moved into an incredibly unsafe situation. His inspections take longer than most, but it’s because he’s so incredibly thorough. I’m sure that the issues revealed would have been skipped over by some other inspectors I’ve had experience with.
What words of advice would you give this contractor? Clone yourself.

Home Inspection in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Gordon & Katie W.
“We were first-time homebuyers with absolutely no experience or knowledge of what to look out for when buying real estate. Wayne did an incredibly thorough inspection of the house we purchased and unearthed several potential problems that we, or a less diligent home inspector, would have definitely overlooked. In the end, in addition to the peace of mind that his exhaustive inspection gave us, the professionally compiled report that he prepared based upon his findings more than paid for itself by virtue of the negotiating leverage that it gave us with the seller. Considering his help in making the biggest financial investment of our lives, Wayne’s services were worth every penny. ” Home Inspection in Woburn, Massachusetts, Jane R.